Kids bathroom renovations can be lots of fun but there are some important factors to keep in mind with a project of this kind. The bathroom is the scene of many accidents and so safety features are vital when planning a kids’ bathroom. However it is still possible to design an innovative and functional bathroom renovation for the kids.

Get the children involved in the planning and design phase of the renovation. Ask for suggestions, show them some ideas and ask for their input. Depending on the age of your children, their enthusiasm and creativity may need to be directed into a workable plan but they will feel very proud of a room they have helped design.

Safety is paramount so make sure you choose non-slip surfaces, a toilet and basin that are child height (or a safety step for them to use) and a bath that is not too deep for a child to step into. Regulate the temperature of the hot water to that bathroom and teach the children to always turn on the cold tap first. Door handles need to be child-height and there should be no locks on the door to a bathroom for children, especially the inside. You need to be able to access that room at all times for safety.

If you want to go with a theme make sure the design can grow with the children. Themes can be represented in lots of non-permanent ways such as accessories, towels, removable stickers and pictures. Kids tastes change frequently, so having a bathroom that can change with them makes perfect sense. Choose a basic palette that allows for a variety of different elements to create a theme.

Fittings and fixtures in a bathroom designed for children need to be durable, strong and able to take a bit of punishment. Keep the fancy, delicate features for your own bathroom and use ones that are serviceable in the kids’ bathroom. Taps need to be easy for little hands to turn on and off and the toilet simple to flush. Include lots of storage for the inevitable collection of bath toys, bubble bath, hair accessories etc. that children seem to attract. Use a system, such as a hanging net or perforated shelf above the bath, to store wet bath toys and avoid mould and stains forming.

Kids tend to be messy at the best of times but when it comes to bathroom use, the messiness seems to be so much worse. The best thing you can do for yourself is to design a kids’ bathroom that is easy to clean. Clean lines and smooth surfaces allow for a fast wipe-over. Have plenty of hanging space for towels to make it easier for smaller children to hang their own towels.

Personalise the kids’ bathroom by using letter tiles to spell out their name or embroidering their initials on their own set of towels. Have fun with your kids’ bathroom renovations while incorporating safety and practicality into the design.